Monday, July 16, 2012

Modern Vintage Real Bride Images

I love it when brides send me pictures of their wedding. While working away here in my studio on so many weddings, it is always a special treat to see my designs be the finishing touch to a brides trousseau.
Here are some very sweet images of bride Randi who ordered my Vintage Inspired Floral Wedding Sash with a custom birdcage veil with fascinator to compliment her look which was beautiful blend of Modern & Vintage with soft touches of lilac...

I am somebody!

I always feel a bit silly standing in line at markets with a stack of bridal magazines in my basket. People always look at me with an adoring smile and ask if I am getting married. Then I have to explain that I am in the industry and need to keep up with trends.
I love it when new issues of bridal magazines come out. I can never wait to get home and breeze through the pages to see what is new and exciting in bridal. I am still a huge fan of the printed rag!
This weekend while standing in line at my treasured Silver Lake Gelson's Market, I picked up the new Fall issue of C Weddings  and flipped through the pages to see what's new. A giggle and I smile so wide grew across my face that it spread to all the folks standing in line around me. There I was on page C42! A picture of my precious Orange blossom halo and silk tulle veil with a sweet as can be little tag line. I felt like Steve Martin in "The Jerk" when he found his name listed in the phone book and said he was finally somebody.
Things are going to start happing to me now! 
Thanks C Weddings for making me somebody.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Pacific Weddings Cover

After so many years of designing in bridal, I have finally made the cover of a magazine.
This means more to me now than it would have in the glory days of print publications, as many beautiful magazines have gone away due to the internet & digital world. There are so many talented people try to grace the covers of magazines & less publications to go around.
So hats off & many thanks to Stephanie Williams Photography for such an amazing shoot. To Leila from Be Inspired for putting me in touch with her. To Claire Pettibone for being such an amazing breath of fresh air in the bridal industry.  And of course Pacific Weddings for accepting this wonderful shoot.
Look forward to July 14 when it appears on news stands. You will be tickled pink with the images from this shoot.
Support our print magazine industry & purchase this magazine!
Many thanks as always,
Erica E Koesler

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Soolip's New Wedding App

I am tickled pink to be chosen as a featured designer to contribute to Soolip’s new fabulous Wedding App along with such esteemed contributors as Claire Pettibone
One of her beautiful soft ethereal gowns was the choice for the new Mrs. Facebook: Priscilla Zuckerberg.
Sales of my finer couture headpieces & silk veils have been happily matched together to compliment this gown in particular since images of this high profile wedding has hit the wedding blogs. I must say this gown is beautiful & I am looking forward to images of real weddings to come of brides wearing my Jeweled Headband & Silk Veil set with this gown.

Many Thanks to Soolip, Claire Pettibone & Priscilla Zuckerberg!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Smitten Magazine Anniversary Shoot

Ooooooo! I have been waiting with baited breath when the time would come that I could post these gorgeous images shown today on  the Smitten magazine blog. These beautiful one-year anniversaries images with Abigail & Chris featuring my wispy Camel colored Feather Fascinator were skillfully shot with a sensitive eye by Anna Wu Photography. What a keen sense for lighting this talented woman has as seen in this series of images of golden light filled Hallways to soft & tasteful boudoir…
Enjoy these lovely images of the happy couple…

Many thanks,
Erica E Koesler

Los Angeles Butterscotch Morning

Lots of new thing are happening over here at Pretty Things central. A busy June filling orders for last minute brides has left my shop a bit messy. Feather down & bits of silk tulle are resting all over everything. Two days filled with hard work re-organizing my shop had left me depleted last night. After a long bath & a personal tune up, I went to bed early & slept like I was in winter hibernation.
I woke up early to the bright summer sun as it broke open the Los Angeles morning sky wakening me at 5:30 like a rooster.
After a strong cup of coffee my eyes finally opened to the most amazing soft butterscotch sunrise. Gorgeous filtered sunlight was softly laying a natural warm glow over everything. I knew it would not last but a moment, so I grabbed my camera & took a few shots of what’s to come with my new collections. 

Exploring new skills with hair jewelry here & am lovin' it!

 Many thanks,
Erica E Koesler